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All of the work we do is not possible without the support of the community. Donations are the lifeblood of the organisation that ensure our activities carry on running in an open and independent way. If you believe that keeping our community alive is important then we ask you to donate generously, enabling us to carry on our work and developing our activities and organisation further. 

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As part of our vision to develop IMM into a democratic grass-roots organisation, developing our membership is key process to commit to. Members are simply anyone who shares our vision and furthermore would like to take an active role in shaping the organisation and ensuring its future sustainability. 

Once we have things in place, members will become the core of IMM, getting directly involved in activities, electing an executive committee and holding IMM to account. All functions crucial for any organisation to succeed. 

So if you’re interested in joining IMM, watch this space and be someone who will help guide IMM to an exciting future. 

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