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Sayed Ali Abass Razawi


Sayed Ali Abass Razawi is an International Speaker and Teacher. Sayed Razawi uses his background in Ethics, Theology and Spirituality as a tool in breaking social barriers, creating awareness and healing communities. He spends much of his time working with Inter-faith groups, Educational Institutions and Charity Organisations. He has also written on the need for dialogue and the concept of religion in Christianity and Islam. Having taught subjects such as Islamic Theology, Principles of Jurisprudence, Islamic History and Comparative Mysticism, Sayed continues to research and lecture at various Universities. 

Sayed Ali Abass Razawi obtained a BA in History from SOAS and then went on to study the GDL in Law at BPP before going to the Theological seminary in Qom, where he studied Fiqh, Usool al Fiqh, Kalam, Philosophy and Theoretical Mysticism. He also has an MA in Comparative Philosophy.

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