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Innovative Muslim Minds (IMM) was set up in 2008 to cater for young Muslims in North West London. Members and participants were predominantly second-generation Iraqis looking to make sense of their identity, religion and above all maintain their community. From regular social and religious events, the IMM quickly developed to meet the current needs of the younger generation, developing school mentoring programmes, courses on personal development and social activities, all designed to support and help them achieve their full potential. 

Four years on, IMM is just as committed to meeting the needs of the community, with new and exciting projects supplementing the already established programmes. We could not have got this far without the help of the community and we look forward to on-going support from you that will enable further success in the future.

Our Vision

A community that is fully participative in its British surroundings yet true to its Islamic and cultural heritage is at times a difficult balance to achieve, yet we believe that it is not only possible but an essential goal to aim for if we are to shape our own collective destiny. 

Furthermore an open, dynamic and cohesive community requires good governance, good will and most of all hard work. We believe that the IMM represents an organisation that can promote this end through its open and participatory nature, its innovative activities and respect for all members of the community.     

How we are working to achieve this vision 

Understanding needs

Understanding the needs of the community is the essential starting point of any activity. Regular consultation, feedback and evaluation currently help us gain some of the insight we need yet it represents only a first step in how we would like to engage our community. A democratic, grass-roots structure is the ultimate step in achieving a truly representative organisation that can reliably ascertain the needs of the community and it is a step that we would like to take in the near future.

Providing a platform

Providing a platform for the community to air their ideas and issues is vital to help us collectively deal with shared challenges, enrich our minds and come up with the best solutions. This website, our IMM blog as well as further developments being planned, aim to create a virtual hub that binds our community together in this social media age.

Organisation and Governance

An open, transparent and democratic structure is the only way to guarantee a representative, dynamic and sustainable organisation fit to achieve our vision and goals. That means an elected executive committee, paying members and regular consultation and accountability though annual general meetings. However we also understand that this change is best achieved through a stepped process which we are currently implementing. 

Dedication to innovation

Addressing issues and challenges through openness and creativity is a fundamental principle guiding the way IMM operates. We believe it is an essential element to maintain our relevance and equip us to deal with the ever-changing challenges the community faces both now and into the future.

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